Influencer marketing cases

At its best, influencer marketing forms images, creates conversions and supports growth.

We know what authentic influence looks like - get to know the case examples of our influencer marketing and PR, which after you will know too.

Antti Tapani

With the brand Antti Tapani, everything starts with their values - Great was never normal.In this long-term collaboration we have succeeded in choosing influencers that reflect the brand's values and speak to the target market. The brand is able to address the desired target group in an authentic way.

Authenticity, diversity and versatility have led to convincing results considering reach and also sales.

Telia Pride

During Helsinki Pride, Telia wanted to showcase different kinds of love stories and make all of the forms of love visible through painting. The goal was to create a space together with influencers, where all love stories are seen and heard.

We challenged influencers who belong in the LGBTQ+ community to share their personal love stories, which the artist and influencer Rakastaja-Robert used in creating an art exhibition in Telia's flagship store.



The aim of Dove's long-term collaboration was to strengthen its brand and simultaneously take a stance on the beauty standards created by social media, through the Dove Self-Esteem Project. It was important to the brand that the influencers radiate authenticity instead of being superficial. They need to be able to talk about important things in a natural way, and above all, are confident and thus feel good in their bodies.

The influencers' personal stories received praise from their followers and evoked discussions on an important topic. 



Jaffa Juicy

Jaffa Juicy tastes like summer! In the highly competitive soft drink market, marketing has to be approached through creativity. That is why this campaign aimed at Gen Z brought together three creative influencer duos, and the juiciest advertisement of the summer was born.

An emphasis on the influencers works especially well in marketing aimed at Gen Z: The sales target for the new product was exceeded by 56%.


The aim of the collaboration was to make Iso-Syöte of interest to a large audience, and above all, emphasize it as a diverse and inspiring travel destination. The influencer collaboration included tips and complete travel packages, which bring forward Iso-Syöte's diverse set of services that answered all of the infuencers' wishes for their holiday. The campaign reached a large audience with a high engagement rate.

Pohjolan rengastie

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, traveling abroad has been restricted remarkably. We collaborated with the City of Oulu and Visit Oulu to enhance the image of Oulu and its neighboring regions in the eyes of Finns. The influencers travelled to Oulu to go on their own personalized hikes with different activities. The response from consumers was active, and they were inspired to head North: According to the service providers, this was the busiest summer in the Oulu region so far.


Lindex Lingerie

Every body is worth loving. The aim of the Lindex Lingerie campaign was to break the perfectly polished assumption of lingerie and focus on the bigger bra sizes that are finally available in Lindex. The influencers' natural bravery and confidence encouraged consumers to take part in a discussion about body positivity, creating a safe space around the topic. Influencers were able to exceed their follower count when considering the reach of the campaign, and the engagement was record-breakingly high.

Apetina Paneer

The aim of the Apetina Paneer campaign was to inspire Finns to try the previously unfamiliar Paneer-cheese in their everyday life. The diverse recipes crafted for specific target groups and the visually appealing content reached the target market effectively. The campaign nearly doubled Apetina Paneer's sales.

Influencer helps

The Covid-19 pandemic and the unusual state of the world that followed it had a significant impact across industries - We wanted to do our part by helping companies in need, pro bono.

Everyday is #viaplayweekend

We built a partnership around the #viaplayweekend concept, which left a lot of room for the influencers to be creative. Under this concept, the influencers highlighted their own favourite shows and movies, while also addressing important topics in their own natural way. This collaboration caused spontaneous recommendations of Viaplay - by influencers and also consumers.


The choice of a smartphone always comes down to the brand image, not the effectiveness of the device on paper. We took down the barriers that consumers had for buying the product by creating fascinating and high-quality content about the features that meant the most to the influencers and the target group. As a result, Samsung had the most sold phones among two different operators in December 2019.