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Indieplace opens a coworking space, Influencer lounge, for the influencers in it's network

Even though influencer marketing as a profession has taken huge leaps in the past few years, many influencers still work as private entrepreneurs. Indieplace Influencer Lounge offers influencers a chance of community and changing thoughts with influencer marketing experts.

The pioneer of influencer marketing, Indieplace, responds to influencers' wishes for supporting their professional skills and increasing community by opening their own workspace for influencers in their network. Indieplace's core network includes more than 400 influencers working on different social media channels.

The workspace is located at the Indieplace office at Käenkuja 3 A and welcomes influencers every Wednesday and Thursday between 9 am and 4 pm.

Influencer marketing is done now more than ever - the amount of influencer marketing in Finland increased by up to 41% compared to last year. However, the influencer's work is often done as entrepreneurs without actual support networks.

"Even though the influencers have created committed communities around their channels, the work that remains in the background of social media publications is mostly done alone from home. Influencers rarely have a team around them to spar content with or get feedback from," says Indieplace's Head of Influencer Network & PR Pauliina Pajunen.

The staff of Indieplace is available during the opening hours of the Influencer lounge for mutual sparring, development, exchange of opinions or even for a lunch meeting.

"The workspace offers benefits to all parties involved. Influencers get support for their work, experts' opinions and tips on industry trends, while we as an office are able to involve influencers more strongly than before in the planning of collaborations."

It can also be difficult for influencers to draw a line between work and spare time – the personal brand follows you everywhere. The Indieplace Influencer lounge gives influencers the opportunity to leave work at the office at the end of the day. The sense of community and networking with other influencers offers unique support in a profession where everything is personal.

"We want to take care of our influencers as well as possible and help them not only cope with their work but also develop in it," says Pajunen.

Arrival instructions for influencers

The Indieplace Influencer lounge is open every Wednesday and Thursday between 9 and 16. Please inform us in advance with a short form here.

Indieplace's office is located at Käenkuja 3A. The hall of the house is currently under renovation and the entrance is exceptionally through the courtyard door. The courtyard can be found by walking from the door of Käenkuja 3A, Käenkuja about 50 meters ahead and the first courtyard on the right and the first door from the courtyard on the right. The door is open from 9 am to 4 pm. Indieplace's office is located on the 6th floor and there is a buzzer on the door that you ring to get in.

We warmly welcome you to come work with us!


More info:

Pauliina Pajunen, +358 41 731 6382,

Anne Häkkinen, vs. CEO, +358 44 536 2094