Indieplace is the full-service partner in influencer marketing

We are experts in influencer marketing and PR: we connect the advantages of influencer marketing and PR with creative means, always based on the customer's own strategy and business plans.

With our team of experts you will get a multi channeled approach planned just for your needs.

Influencer marketing reached broadly, but addresses personally. From us you will get comprehensive multichannel influencer marketing expertise. .


We solve big and small challenges with the means of PR. We know what is happening in the industry, society and the world, and we know how to position and react to them. As a creative agency, we create phenomena that are talked about for a long time.

Maksettu kumppanuus -merkintä vaaditaan nykyisin kaikissa Instagramissa toteutetuissa yhteistöissä.

With our creativity and data from 10 years of time we will frame your business oriented goals - we offer you influencer strategies and concepts, that stand out, make you stop, and create authentic influence.

Influencer marketing goes beyond platform boundaries and increasingly enters the brand's own channels and other media as well. .
We can play with the strengths of influencer marketing 
on the field of content marketing as well.

Influencer marketing strategy

Authenticity can create a passion that changes the brand image, creates conversions and supports growth. We will use our creativity and 10 years worth of data in reaching your business objectives. The result is a multichannel influencer marketing strategy of authentic influence.

Planning influencer marketing campaigns

Influencer marketing has a high reach, but speaks to consumers individually. Our data-based campaign planning is enriched with creativity, and guarantees authentic influence across multiple channels.

Network of influencers

We know the scene thoroughly and the influencers know us. We will find your brand an influencer that helps you reach your goals. We make perfect brand matches possible.

Planning and executing events

We help brands create events that are memorable, and influencers to create content that will be noticed

PR packages

You have to be authentic to stand out. Our robust knowledge of influencers allows us to send out PR to the right people and right audiences.

Media work

PR is the yin to influencer marketing's yang - and that's why we offer traditional PR services, in addition to influencer marketing. A more efficient use of the budget, and more influential results.