Influencer marketing

Background and goals

01 Challenge

How to make the already well-known Erisan brand more interesting to the consumers?

Erisan expanded their product range to natural cosmetics meant for sensitive skin. During the launch, they wanted to also take the brand towards a trendier and more youthful direction.

02 Goal

  1. Erisan wanted to communicate the benefits of the new products and also educate consumers on prebiotic skincare.
  2. Increasing the awareness of Erisan+ and inspiring people to test the products.

03 Insight

The brand image would not have stood out with only product reviews.

They wanted to create depth with both the concept and also the choice of influencers.

Solution - To a sensitive skin, and sensitive soul -concept

We created a concept for a year-long collaboration that brought depth to the published content. We wanted to highlight sensitivity as an asset: Erisan+ understands the sensitivity of the skin and the soul.

We chose 10 different types of micro and macro influencers that reach the desired target group, who brought up their own sensitivity and spread the message to their followers on social media.

The concept spoke to the consumers

We reached the skin care target group efficiently through influencers and together with Indieplace we found a suitable concept for the brand, which repeated the message important to us: Sensitivity is an asset.

This collaboration taught me something new about myself. I read about sensitivity in preparation for this campaign, and I simultaneously forgave myself for the certain qualities that I have not always appreciated in myself. While I have tried to hide it for a big portion of my life, I haven't really learned to understand it. I promise that now on, I will allow myself to feel and show my sensitivity, and be more compassionate towards myself.

Sensitivity is the new BLACK! I have always been a sensitive boy. Facing my sensitivity and also turning it into an asset has been a process. With age, I've got more confident being open, even on social media in front of strangers. Sometimes I trust too much on the fact that sensitivity will not be turned against me. It would be so easy to anonymously slap someone in the face and flee. At the same time, what is more important is what sensitivity and being authentic gives me. Peer support and meaningful encounters.

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