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How to create a trend phenomenon that clears the cottage cheese shelves?

01 Challenge

Arla Keso launched a new vanilla-flavoured cottage cheese in the Fall of 2021. The new product had to reach the diverse everyday use of a large group of people.

Furthermore, during the Spring of 2022, they wanted to make the regular Keso more popular among influencers.

02 Goal

  1. The main goal for 2021 was to inspire consumers to try the new product, the recipes linked with it and serving suggestions.
  2. The secondary goal was to increase the visibility for the regular Keso cottage cheese, in addition to the vanilla flavour.

03 Insight

Cottage cheese is often seen as something only athletes and an older demographic eat, and it is viewed to be flavourless.

The new vanilla-flavoured product caught people's attention, as it is a healthy specialty that can be utilized in many ways.

Solution - "For more authentic moments" -concept

During the Fall of 2021, we created a concept that stood for more authentic moments. Within this framework, the influencers shared diverse recipes and serving suggestions for the new Keso cottage cheese, in a trendy and inspiring way. As an additional boost during the Spring of 2022, we wanted to highlight other authentic moments that the regular Keso was suitable for. Thus, we sent influencers PR that included the products and some hit recipes.

The successful combo

Fall 2021

The paid collaboration started. The influencers shared their own authentic moments and also created new recipes.

Winter 2021

The recipes started trending on social media. Especially Kira Kosonen's recipe of cottage cheese pancakes become a hit.

Spring 2022

A new set of influencers received the vanilla-flavoured Keso cottage cheese as a PR delivery.

In addition, we continued the paid collaboration with a smaller budget.

How was the phenomenon created?

  1. Creating a trend is possible: It requires a good budget and a clear common goal to work. With Arla keso, we started with a paid collaboration.
  2. At the base of a phenomenon is a backstory and true emotion, not just a technical execution: This is why we included the authentic moments.
  3. Arla Keso fed into the rising trend with the PR deliveries, as new and interesting influencers were utilized to strengthen the phenomenon.

The concept spoke to the consumers

These products are nice 😍! Thanks for the tips!

This weekend we bought a few of these, as we saw them for example on your Instagram! Me and my husband ate this as a snack with some currant jam, straight out of the package. I thought I would utilize this also in cottage cheese pancakes or my morning oatmeal! 😊 Could work!

This vanilla-flavoured cottage cheese is my new favourite breakfast 😍 It's great especially with some berries!

"Now I tasted this too, it's great! 😊"

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The concept worked well in illustrating the diverse nature of the product. The higher level concept created by Indieplace allowed the influencers to use the product freely, in the way that suited them. After the posts from the influencers the weekly sales started to increase significantly, and the vanilla-flavoured Keso was sold out in Finland multiple times.

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