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Background and goals

01 Challenge

How can we increase the brand awareness for the new Skin Proud brand in Finland, and in the right target group?

The philosophy of Skin Proud is skin positivity, which should be communicated to the consumers in an inspiring way.

02 Goal

  1. Increase the brand awareness in Finland. Especially Gen Z and the young millenials have to be reached in a way that resonates with them.
  2. Challenge both influencers and consumers to proudly show their skin, just as it is.

03 Insight

The ideology of Skin Proud includes being proud of your skin, regardless of your skin's quality or age.

Instead of covering up one's skin, we want to celebrate all its imperfections.

Solution - Skin Proud PR event

We hosted an inspiring and exclusive PR event in an environment that fits the brand perfectly. The emphasis was especially on the visual details of the space, so that the influencers could film engaging content.

In addition, the event included a thorough introduction of the brand and a fun voguing class. The class focused on posing, which helped celebrate our skins just the way they are - according to the brand's ideology!

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