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PR event

Background and goals

01 Challenge

To celebrate the 70th birthday of Sokos, they organized "the World's Smallest Department Store" -tour, which moved across Finland during the Summer and stopped shortly in some cities. If the marketing for the tour only takes place when they are at the stop, it is already too late.

So how can we increase awareness and create interest for the tour before it happens?

02 Goal

  1. Gain as much earned media as possible through the influencers' channels for the World's Smallest Department Store -tour.
  1. Develop the brand image in a desirable and trendy direction.

03 Insight

To support the launch of the tour, we organized a PR event to reach a broad audience, and to create interest and hype before the tour officially starts.

The target group of Sokos is all over Finland, which is why the guest list included engaging influencers that reach a broad audience.

Solution - PR event to launch the tour

The detailed schedule for the tour was published at the event, and the guests could enjoy festival-style catering, a performer and beauty booths that featured the brands at Sokos. They could also get to know the World's Smallest Department Store.

The influencers chosen for the paid collaboration filmed material at the event, which was posted during the Summer while the tour was ongoing. Additionally, the event was captured by a professional photographer, and the photos were used by Sokos to support their digital marketing of the tour.


"The event was very well organized and I liked how the employees took care of us and made us feel appreciated. The food and drinks were well organized too, and there was enough to do! Thank you for letting me attend!"

"Thank you for this fun and relaxed event! I liked how the people from Indieplace came to talk to us and it was easy to ask for advice, when needed. The brand booths were fun and it was really easy to go talk to the people. :)"

"A really fun event! Interesting brands and performers, super good food and drinks and great company. It was really nice to attend, I would gladly attend similar events in the future as well. :)"

"The event was a very efficient way for Sokos to reach a large number of influencers and their followers at once. This allowed us to increase awareness of the tour in a great way, and it received a lot of earned media."

PR results

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