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Background and goals

01 Challenge

Tony’s Chocolonely is a well-known Dutch brand, but the brand itself and their sustainability is not yet well-known in Finland.

02 Goal

To add Tony’s Chocolonely's brand awareness in Finland in a happy and fun way, while simultaneously increasing the knowledge of sustainable chocolate and its background.

03 Insight

The human rights at cocoa farms and the protection of the environment have been discussed for long. Consumers have also realized the impact that sustainable chocolate has, but the information about the backgrounds of chocolate brands is scarce. Thus, it is important to spread the word about Tony's Chocolonely's mission continuously.

Solution - Yearly PR strategy

We created Tony's Chocolonely a year-long strategy with PR activities.A longer plan helps in increasing brand awareness and taking different marketing approaches. 

In the strategy we defined the different medias and influencers, which are reached continuously. The yearly collaboration enables the utilization of different means and helps in forecasting, while it is also easier to elicit earned media by reacting quickly. 

PR activities

Workshop and creating a PR calendar.

The planning and execution of an event for influencers.

Planning and executing weekly PR deliveries, including also larger and more conceptualized send-outs.

Communication measures, such as localization, press releases, and creating and maintaining a relationship with the press.

Influencers' feedback on the event

"When a day starts like this, it is most definitely going quite nicely!"

"We made art and listened to stories. A fantastic brand with important values!"

"I'm so happy that influencer events are being organized again!"

The results of the PR event


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Spreading awareness of Tony's Chocolonely's mission has been a challenge before, but by collaborating with Indieplace we have been able to change the situation. I am sure that Indieplace is still increasing the awareness of Tony's Chocolonely's brand and mission in a creative and playful way.

The results of the PR deliveries (4mo)



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