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Why is insight a key factor in creating effective concepts?

What do we need insight for? Why can't we just come up with cool ideas regarding influencer marketing?

All creative ideas need a data based point of view: an insight. In this article we will tell you why.

What is insight?

Insight gives a point of view about why something is done in a certain way.

We have to know how the target audience acts and what kind of phenomenons and outer influences the audience is affected by. In the best case scenario the sharp insight makes you create innovative and inspiring content. It also can create a strong base for changing opinions and customer behaviour.

How is creative insight made?

  1. Insight is a summary of the world around us, the reasons and consequences of things. This is why research is needed: news and articles, search data about the target audience's actions, opinionated influencers' point of views and trends.
  2. Insight is a refined view of the backround information: that is where the brand's goals and the world outside your door come together.
  3. With insight we can change actions.


The core of a creative idea and a rich concept is to first find a point of view. Insight is service formatting at it's finest, and it affects the behaviour of the target audience. The best insight can afterwards sound obvious, but it can require a skill of changing your mind during the process.

Insight is always a commitment as well. You can achieve something meaningful with it to change the world.

Why is insight important in creative concepts?

All in all, insight is a summary of something, that we should keep our eyes on. By focusing things on the summary, we simply can create better business.

Influencer marketing <3 insight, because:

  1. communication with the target groups improves
  2. the actions of target groups can be affected sufficiently
  3. insight is a way of thinking, that affects on both the main concept and the small details


Insight is a point of view that interests the target group, and the customer experience is the core of it all. The advantage of a relevant insight is also the way one can recognize the opportunities the company should aim for.

How does insight take advantage of the target audience?

Usually we can easily determine WHAT and HOW things should be done, but the question WHY is usually forgotten. Finding insight is important, because it makes contents meaningful.

We have made an observation, that an effective pattern to creative concepts of influencer marketing is:

Insight + a creative concept + meaningful content from the influencers = wanted effect on the target group.

The solutions insight brings are product- and service formatting, also known as design thinking -concepts. That is how we can fit our lives into the solutions, rather than the solutions into our lives.

Only through understanding, marketing can be made influencial. Let us help you understand your target groups better and contact our creative team.

Sanna Mämmi, Senior Creative