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The trends in influencer marketing during the Summer 2022

Summer is a potential time to not only charge your batteries laying on the pier beside a lake, but to get inspired and excited of new things. Use your Summer energy and get to know the trends of influencer marketing from our brief summer version!


  1. Creating phenomenons

A phenomenon needs a backstory and a feeling, not just the technical implementation - which is why

phenomenons start to go viral through trendsetters, whether it is a hit recepie, a favorite board game or interesting travel destinations.

The holy trinity of creating a phemonenon:

  • a precise plan of action
  • a sufficient budget
  • reacting to weak signals and strengthening the phenomenon


  1. Bringing the influencer posts to advertisement

Do you want to get everything out of your investment, whether the influencer marketing is happening on TikTok or Instagram? Great news: on both platforms you can take advantage of the content of influencer marketing in a very agile way. The advertisement done through the platforms' own tools is a great addition to especially adding reach to the collaboration.

3 tips to advertising with influencer content

a) Targeting

In advertisement, influencers' posts can be targeted for the wanted target group, when for example the locally relevant content can be shared to the target group that doesn't follow the influencer.

b) Fixing the contracts

It's good to be on the same page with the influencer about using the content in advertisement. Only to mark the post with the Branded Content tool doesn't need negotiation, but bringing the content to additional advertisement sometimes means an additional campaign payment to the influencer for digital rights to their photos.

c) Briefing the influencer

Focus on the influencer brief and the pre-check of the material, if the content will be used in advertisement as it is. Especially important factors are the beginning of the copy text and the visibility of the brand on the photos.


  1. Involve the audience with the influencers

Involvement is one of the core strengths of influencer marketing. How can you get everything out of it?

  • Listen carefully what your target audience wants. Good communicational relationship between the influencer and their audience enables to edit the content by the audience's wishes. When the audience takes part in creating the content, the engagement is usually higher.
  • Extend the influencers' posts to the brand's own channels. The exclusive content made by the influencers creates traffic to the brand's channels in an efficient way.
  • Think of the ways you can make the audience to get excited about the campaign, authentically get involved and create earned content. Could you for example host an event for both inluencers and their followers, or take advantage of the influencers' channels to for example a friend search, finding recepies or to something completely different?

Do you want to get better results by deploying the trends of influencer marketing? Indieplace's experts are available even during the Summer months, so don't hesitate to contact us!!

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Vanessa Weckström, Content Manager