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How to keep up with the trends on TikTok?

The extremely popular social media platform TikTok is a remarkable part of current media, but the uniqueness of it makes it difficult to stay up-to-date with everything happening on the platform. There is a constant stream of new viral videos, which is why it often seems like the second you find out what is trending, it has already changed.

So how is it possible to keep up with a platform that evolves constantly, and how can you find the trending topics, hashtags, challenges and influencers, before it is already too late? In this article, our TikTok Specialist Kiira Kiesilä will share the best tips and tricks.


Challenge the algorithm

The users on TikTok are divided into different groups based on what content they consume. A great example of this is the often heard question "What side of TikTok are you on?" This illustrates how no For You Page (aka FYP) is the same. For example, a person who knows everything about BookTok might have never come across the most followed person on TikTok, Khaby Lame.

The powerful algorithm and the For You Page are what makes people come back to the platform time and time again - The platform gives you the exact type of content that you want to watch. However, this leads to a very one-sided view of TikTok. To truly understand what is trending on the platform, you should challenge the algorithm by also consuming the kind of content that would usually not make it to your front page.

When trying to find out what trend is a minitrend, what is trending on only one side of TikTok and which one has the potential to reach a wider audience, you must have a comprehensive view of the platform as a whole.


Keep an open mind

There are as many types of trends on TikTok as there are users on the platform. Funny or otherwise entertaining moments captured by regular users, new music or funny sounds can all be causes for new trends. Sometimes even filters can trend, like the "My Red/Green Flags” -filter, that has been used for over 6 million times.

TikTok trends can also challenge the users that would like to participate - Some trends might require a specific skill like dancing, while others require a level of self-irony.

Because there are so many trends on the platform, you should not overlook the ones that do not resonate with you. A song that you dislike could be loved by a big audience, or a filter might seem irrelevant for you and entertaining for others.

To be on top of trends you need to leave your expectations at the door. There might be a trend that does not resonate with you at all, but is still internationally recognized and thus deserves your attention.


Take advantage of the tools provided

If recognizing and keeping up with trends still feels difficult for you, help is easily available. In addition to scrolling through the For You Page, you can pay a visit to the TikTok Creative Center. By clicking "Inspiration" you can find trending keywords and the best performing ads. In the Trends-section you can see the trending hashtags, songs, creators and videos.

On this page you can find inspiration for both your own content and ads, as the Creative Center provides a lot of insights for the platform's users. For example, when looking at the trending hashtags, you can find the most popular hashtags, their views, if the popularity of the trend is increasing and also the age and location of the target group reached by the specific hashtag.

In addition to the tools provided by TikTok, you can also visit other sites that offer information on new trends and how they were born. For example, Envato lists the newest trends on TikTok on a weekly basis.


Give some time

While it would be convenient to get all the information at once, understanding TikTok takes a lot of time and patience. Only time can tell which trends start gaining views, which sounds will never lose popularity and how broadly the content can spread inside and outside of TikTok.


Utilizing trends in influencer marketing campaigns - 5 tips on how to succeed:

  1. Be ready to be flexible and make changes at the last minute. Trends often come and go very quickly, which is why it is important to be prepared to make changes on a tight schedule. If a suitable trend is recognized, you might need to change a previously chosen idea in the matter of days. If you try to plan trending content even a month before posting, you will be too late when the content is published.
  2. Listen to the influencer. If you want to utilize a trending topic or sound, you should give more power to the influencer than before. This is because the influencer will always be the person who knows the platform the best.
  3. Remember to utilize mini trends. The trends used in collaborations do not have to be the most popular ones with the largest reach - even a smaller trend can be very efficient in reaching the right target group.
  4. Take risks. If you are aiming for a viral video, playing it safe will rarely catch anyone's attention. A good example of taking risks and being brave is this casewhere Andreas Tolonen spread the important message of recycling by driving a couch to Estonia.
  5. Keep authenticity in mind. Trending content cannot be forced and sometimes utilizing trends can look inauthentic. Only take advantage of the trends that fit the brand and create trending content that your audience actually cares for.


Do you still feel like you could use some help in figuring out trends on TikTok? CONTACT USso our professionals can provide you with the most up-to-date tips and tricks on trends, influencers and compelling content!

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