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Influencer marketing strategy - choose the actions based on the goals

Even though the majority of influencer markering actions are measured with tactical metrics, the goals of influencer marketing are often brand based. When you have the influencer marketing strategy resting on your table, remember to choose the indicators and actions in line with your goals.

Therefore, you should clarify your goals to begin the planning go ensure that the influencer marketing has the best chance of achieving genuine effectiveness. In this article, our strategist Lassi Suoranta reveals, how the strengths of influencer marketing can be transformed into the base of strategic planning, whether the goal is tactic or brand based.

Tactical influencer marketing

Choose a tactic point of view, when your goals are purely aimed to actions (sales, web site traffic etc.). Commonly in tactical influencer marketing the aim is to generally affect the target group in the middle and end stages of the purchase funnel.

Actions of tactical influencer marketing

The strong call to the desired action in the content also increases the effectiveness of tactical marketing. Tactical goals are often met by very traditional influencer marketing:

  • product visibility
  • inspirational content
  • brand campaign communication
  • strengthening the phenomenon with PR


Measuring tactical influencer marketing

Tactical actions can be measured for example through discount codes, influencer-specified tagged links and guided web site traffic. Measuring product categories with a shorter purchase path (e.g. food and other everyday goods) with conversion may also be appropriate, even if the premise was brand based influencer marketing. Get to know our case: Arla Keso vanilla cottage cheese.


Brand based influencer marketing

Choose the brand based point of view when you aim for a change in brand image and recognition through influencers, or you want to increase your brand's preference. Influencing at the beginning of the purchase funnel is important, for example, when launching or expanding the target group.

Actions of brand basef influencer marketing

Brand based influencer marketing often requires a creative concept to stand out from the stream of content. Even if a top-level concept already exists in the marketing plan, adaptation of the concept is often necessary for influencer content. Brand based influencer marketing actions in addition to traditional influencer posts include, for example:

  • utilizing influencers in multi-channel content marketing
  • PR-events
  • PR-send outs

Measuring brand based influencer marketing

In addition to numerical metrics, add qualitative metrics, such as brand research and deep engagement analysis. Building a brand is a long-term effort, so when measuring a single action, you should also pay attention to correlations, such as whether engagement with influencer content contributes to the creation of conversions over a certain period of time. If so, straightforward measurement of engagement may be a valid brand metric for an influencer marketing act.


Whether you choose a tactical or brand-based approach to your influencer marketing strategy, make the experts' view your compass. With that, you can direct the perspective of the contents in accordance with the goals suitable for your brand. Understand what or who you want to influence by using influencers and why you are influencing those matters, as well as which measure correlates with what.

Tell us your challenges and take advantage of our specialists' expertise - as a result you'll get an influencer marketing strategy, that affects in the right part of the purchase path and produces results.

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Lassi Suoranta